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I’m a Hot Woman of the Night.

It's 2am and I'm hot. No, not as in HOT to get busy with that man who sleeps in the same bed as me. (Even though he is rather delicious.) And not HOT as in supermodel strutting down a catwalk HOT DAAAYUUM GIRL YOU ARE ON FIRE WITH YOUR SEXILICIOUS SELF hot either. I'm not… Continue reading I’m a Hot Woman of the Night.

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When a Man Beats a Woman

The idolization of rugby players should never come at the cost of the women in their lives. We place these athletes on a pedestal and our adulation props up a sporting culture which seems inextricably linked with alcohol and violence. Our rugby players have helped 'put Samoa on the map' and there are those who… Continue reading When a Man Beats a Woman


Sex-Breasts VS Milk-Making Ones

In this week's Samoa Observer column, I get to talk about breasts. Yay fun! "if breastfeeding is so good for everyone involved, then why is there sometimes an air of indelicate shame and discomfort about it in the ‘modern’ palagi country I currently live in?...The reaction to a woman feeding her baby in public as opposed to… Continue reading Sex-Breasts VS Milk-Making Ones


Samoa: A Sexist Culture that Oppresses Women?

In this week's Samoa Observer column, I get to rave a little about feminism stuff in Samoa... I have a five year old called Bella. The very last child that will ever alien-grow in my uterus, she is the supreme ruler of our universe - and woe be it unto any creature who does not… Continue reading Samoa: A Sexist Culture that Oppresses Women?

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Does your Plumbing Leak?

If you're a man - then you're not allowed to read this blog.  None of my kids are allowed to read it either. If you choose to disobey this directive, then I cannot be held responsible for the feelings of horror and/or disgust that may ensue. You have been warned. Today I want to talk… Continue reading Does your Plumbing Leak?

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I am Enough.

I blinked and 2012 streaked naked through my life, my messy house. And then it was gone. Just like that. Hello 2013!Right, so I'm going to do something revolutionary (for me) this year.  I am not going to start the new year making a list of all the things I hate about myself and how… Continue reading I am Enough.

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There are Some Skank Ho’s in West Auckland

There are some skanky ho’s living in West Auckland. And they aint got no shame. At all. But what makes it worse? Little Son thinks they are wonderful, delightsome creatures…The Hot Man was being kind and thoughtful. He took all the children off my hands so I could write. (Yay for the Hot Man.) He… Continue reading There are Some Skank Ho’s in West Auckland

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Women who Sanction and Encourage Domestic Violence

In the past few years, we have opened our home to several different women (and their children) who have needed 'refuge' from their abusive partners. And I'm not talking about the 'He said my butt looked big in this dress and hurt my feelings...' kind of abuse. I'm talking about : punches in the face,… Continue reading Women who Sanction and Encourage Domestic Violence

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Women – why do we always put ourselves last on the list?

*I make sure my kids eat several servings of fruit and vegetables a day. You can't have a cookie until you eat that banana. No Xbox if you don't have that brocoli.  - But I can't remember the last time I ate a vegetable. Not unless carrot cake counts.* I am the Enforcer of Bedtime… Continue reading Women – why do we always put ourselves last on the list?

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Really Dumb Things Women Do

Some pictures need no explanation. I just want to say, in my defence - I'm 18, at University, and the affordable hair straightener hadn't been invented yet. And how else was I supposed to get hair that looked like this?So, its YOUR turn. What dumb things have YOU done in the name of 'beauty'?! Are you… Continue reading Really Dumb Things Women Do