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Where is this Sleepless Woman?!

Checking in from Samoa with a few quick announcement s: 1. Brisbane was a blast and you can read all about it here - 'Bone Bearer Launched in Brisbane' 2. Then I dashed home to Auckland to hug the Fab 5 before coming to Samoa for a week of book events. It kicked off with… Continue reading Where is this Sleepless Woman?!

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Screaming Mothers. And Humming Daughters.

Me and my Beautiful Mum.Dear Big Daughter Sade,This morning I was helping your grandmother prepare for a night of literature and dessert at her design store cafe - Plantation House. She had invited forty guests and was getting rather stressed about the upcoming event. She'd asked me to drive her to the grocery store early… Continue reading Screaming Mothers. And Humming Daughters.