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The key to greatness in rugby league.

Do you think they ever paint their nails? I have only ever been to ONE rugby league game in my life. This morning - to watch Little Son's team play. ( Te Atatu Roosters Jnrs vs Waitemata. And yes, we won. Yaaay.) And yes, Little Son was quite impressive. Running. Tackling. Never dropping the ball… Continue reading The key to greatness in rugby league.

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High School is a Warzone.

My English Teaching Competition.I am currently in the process of applying to be a NZ registered teacher. (I confess I have given up on the fast food industry ever wanting me, big sigh) Its a simple enough procedure. Fill in some forms, send them all my certificates and glowing references ( minus the bits where… Continue reading High School is a Warzone.

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How many wives have you got?

And do they each have their own bush hut?HRH has got a job here in NZ. Unlike me. Who has now been rejected by so many employers that it would just be tiresome to blog about each of them separately...(Huge Hi-Five for Cleverness goes out to an Aussie called Kane for nicknaming me 'Plunket Flunket'...Yes… Continue reading How many wives have you got?

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I am afraid.

I used to walk the Beast to school.Because I am a healthy, fitness-loving, outdoorsy kinda mum. (bleugh)The Beast is going to preschool three days a week. (Everybody cheer with me - Yaaaaaaaay!) She loves it. The sandpit, the water play, the painting, the bird called Bella, the boys that she bosses around, the dancing and… Continue reading I am afraid.

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Confessions of a BYU Hater.

BYU...Forever Happily After.I have a confession to make. It has to do with BYU (Brigham Young University, USA), Mormons and getting married. It goes a little something like this.I used to think that BYU was a university where Mormons went for the sole purpose of getting married. Not only that – I used to think… Continue reading Confessions of a BYU Hater.

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A Sneak Peek.

A sneak peek at my novel, Telesa ... YA thriller/fantasy inspired by all the stories/legends of telesa. Its a love story set in modern day Samoa where different telesa can do assorted things like..summon volcanoes, burst into flame, stab you with a lightning strike or trigger an earthquake. Leila has come to Samoa from Washington… Continue reading A Sneak Peek.

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American Idol – Is it safe?

I am an avid follower of American Idol. The bestest part about it would have to be the insults. The crushing put-downs. The devastating critiques. And then we sit here and ask the TV - WHY? You fool! Why did you try out when you cant sing for @#$*&?! Yes, watching American Idol is great… Continue reading American Idol – Is it safe?

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It’s gotta hurt.

Like a kick in the butt...JB was a BAD boy and got put on detention yesterday at his high school. He had chosen to turn his nose up at wearing the regulated black school shoes and instead he wore some other pair of sloppy footwear. "Everybody else does it!" he whined.But some dutiful prefect busted… Continue reading It’s gotta hurt.

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Get Naked… Or not.

There's one thing I really admire about people who are not brown. (ie. white people. ie. People who didnt grow up in the same country I did.) Their ability to wear swimsuits. Regardless of their age, size, shape or bountifulness. MOST people who grew up in the same country I did, wouldnt be caught dead in a… Continue reading Get Naked… Or not.

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I am a Junkie.

You know what gives me a breathless slightly delirious feeling? Recycling. I love it. They have this big wheelie bin thing that youre supposed to put all your metals, glass and plastc in and then once every two weeks, a huge truck chugs along and takes it away. Where ( Im assuming) it's all translated… Continue reading I am a Junkie.