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“You can’t be happy when you’re fat. No-one can.”

A while back, Bella was getting dressed for school when she uttered words that broke my heart. "Mama, I'm fat. But I want to be skinny like Kelly. See my tummy?" She pulled up her shirt to show me a beautiful belly that loves tickles. And I looked at my five year old daughter - really… Continue reading “You can’t be happy when you’re fat. No-one can.”


Love Your Body. (or try to)

I stopped at the store with a van full of children (don't ask me where they all came from...pesky pests are like mosquitos you can't get rid of)  - to buy stuff to make a salad. I left them in the car ( of course) and dashed in. Where I was promptly distracted by sugar… Continue reading Love Your Body. (or try to)

Strange Stuff Samoans Say

Strange Stuff Samoans Say (and Do)

We love to tell people we havent seen for awhile -                            "Oka! Ua e lapoa!"...  "Ohmiheck you're so fat!" We especially love to say this to our relatives who are skinnier than we are. Shut your eyes and visualize it. A really REALLY large Samoan woman, several times larger than you, hugging you, suffocating you with her… Continue reading Strange Stuff Samoans Say (and Do)