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“You can’t be happy when you’re fat. No-one can.”

A while back, Bella was getting dressed for school when she uttered words that broke my heart. "Mama, I'm fat. But I want to be skinny like Kelly. See my tummy?" She pulled up her shirt to show me a beautiful belly that loves tickles. And I looked at my five year old daughter - really… Continue reading “You can’t be happy when you’re fat. No-one can.”

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My Body is a Wonderland.

WARNING - Do not read this if you are:a. A man. You wouldnt understand any of it.b. Barbie. Get your plastic fantastic self back to the assembly line.c. In a 'Embrace our inner beauty and love yourself' mood. I don't want to hear it. Go read Oprah's blog instead. Or hug a tree. Save an… Continue reading My Body is a Wonderland.