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Taking it All Off…

The thing about being a full-time writer and domestic slave to too many children, is that it means the only work clothes you own are sweats and pyjamas. Which can be a problem when you get invited to fly to another city to do a book thing at your old university. Somehow, I didn't think… Continue reading Taking it All Off…

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My Body is a Wonderland.

WARNING - Do not read this if you are:a. A man. You wouldnt understand any of it.b. Barbie. Get your plastic fantastic self back to the assembly line.c. In a 'Embrace our inner beauty and love yourself' mood. I don't want to hear it. Go read Oprah's blog instead. Or hug a tree. Save an… Continue reading My Body is a Wonderland.

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How to be the Bestest Amateur Blogger you Can Be. 8 Tips

There are professional bloggers. They have a cast of thousands following them, hanging on their every word. They feature in TIME magazine, get interviewed on Oprah and earn golden dollars from their blogging. At the other end of the spectrum, is me. And bloggers like me. We start a blog because we have a few… Continue reading How to be the Bestest Amateur Blogger you Can Be. 8 Tips