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Bella’s World

Thirteen years ago our lastest baby was born premature, via an emergency c-section at National Womens Hospital in Auckland New Zealand. She arrived after I stayed in hospital for many weeks trying to #keepHerInUtero and growing for as long as possible. I was sick with pre-eclampsia and each day as I got more swollen and… Continue reading Bella’s World

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When your Six Yr old Wants a Boyfriend.

Some conversations with a six year old just NEED to be preserved for posterity. This morning, Bella was feeling wistful. "I want a boyfriend." I was horrified. "What!? Why? You're too little. You don't need a boyfriend." "You have Dad. I want my own boyfriend," she replied indignantly. I tried to be understanding. "But why?… Continue reading When your Six Yr old Wants a Boyfriend.

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Why Writers Need a Cave

Where books are getting written & too many Doritos are getting consumed.The other day a massive truck delivered a (rather hideous) orange and green box to my yard. My very own, brand new, writing office. A portable rental unit. "Surprise!" said the Hot Man. I can neither confirm nor deny whether I jumped up and down, screamed,… Continue reading Why Writers Need a Cave

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Deceit and Dorkville

Winter sales are wonderful. I bought Bella some new clothes for preschool. I love them. She doesn't. She doesn't want to wear new purple sweatpants from Cotton On Kids. With a matching hoodie top. No, she wants to keep wearing the pink pants with holes in them from TnT KidsWear that she's been wearing for… Continue reading Deceit and Dorkville

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Dirty Words

                     What I wish uku-killing assassins looked like.Today I'm going to use some filthy language on this blog. Guaranteed to send the fainter-hearted amongst you, running for the hills.Head lice.We've got 'em. Do you?I've blogged about this nasty stuff before - Waging War on Princess Leia Only… Continue reading Dirty Words

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I hate being married and having children.

When it's time to get ready to go out. Anywhere where looking nice is required. Dinner. Church. Mall. Movies. Book function.I don't know about you, but I used to like getting dressed up to go somewhere nice. It took time, thought, planning and some angst, but it was fun. For example, a very long time… Continue reading I hate being married and having children.

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Be Quiet!

The Bella Beast has the loudest voice in our house. The most piercing scream. The strongest protesting wail. And everything must be announced at maximum decibels volume, with double exclamation marks."Jade, I want to play XBox!!"Several minutes later, "Zachie, stand still so I can shoot you!!" then "Mum, he's not letting me kill him. Tell… Continue reading Be Quiet!