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My Body is a Wonderland.

WARNING - Do not read this if you are:a. A man. You wouldnt understand any of it.b. Barbie. Get your plastic fantastic self back to the assembly line.c. In a 'Embrace our inner beauty and love yourself' mood. I don't want to hear it. Go read Oprah's blog instead. Or hug a tree. Save an… Continue reading My Body is a Wonderland.

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The Curse of Daughters

May you grow up and have a daughter who is as horrible as you! Ha ha ha!"She makes me so mad that I just want to tear her face into little bitty pieces like a tissue." A while back, this is what a dear friend said to me about her teenage daughter, as she vented… Continue reading The Curse of Daughters

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Adoption. ‘Can we give him back, please?’

The one thing me and Angelina have in common.Some people think adoption is 'the easy way to be a parent'. They scoff at actors like Brangelina and their rainbow brood. And talk like war-veterans when they encounter an adoptive mother and her child, "Oh you dont really know what its like to be a parent...not… Continue reading Adoption. ‘Can we give him back, please?’

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Who you can marrry when I die.

Shakespeare said,"Woman, thy name is misery!" Now that either means - A. it totally sucks to be a woman. (Because men are such awful jerks to us.) OR B. Women make life totally miserable for everyone around them. ( Especially for the men in their life because we can be such awful jerks to them.)… Continue reading Who you can marrry when I die.

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You wanna be Angelina Jolie?

The other day I discovered why Angeline Jolie gets paid so much. And why she always always looks incredibly hot on screen. The other day I was a bit extra on a tv commercial. I had to smile and smile and smile and smile and smile. And then smile some more. An 18 yr old… Continue reading You wanna be Angelina Jolie?