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Are You a Sicko Child-Snatcher?

Little Daughter's school sent home a notice, warning parents about a 'strange white male who tried to¬†entice one of the students into his car while they were walking to school.' They advised parents and students to be extra careful. I'm not too worried because the Hot Man walks Little Daughter to and from school every… Continue reading Are You a Sicko Child-Snatcher?

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How to Cope with the pestilence called ‘Sales Reps."

I miss my dogs.I am gutless. A wimp. Since moving to NZ, I have had this re-affirmed even more. Why? Two words for you.Door Salesmen.Those people that ring your doorbell and then don't leave until you promise to give them your blood/marry them/bequeath them with a spare organ. Or buy something. I'm hopeless at saying… Continue reading How to Cope with the pestilence called ‘Sales Reps."

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Booty Shakin’ at the Market.

I thought applying for a job (and being unsuccessful) was the biggest way to feel like a loser. I was wrong.Selling stuff that you have made yourself at a Saturday market when nobody wants to buy it? Thats the biggest way to feel like a total waste of Earth-space. L O S E R.Last night… Continue reading Booty Shakin’ at the Market.

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Pyjama Mysteries

Sometimes, the workings of HRH's mind are a mystery to me. Which is not always a good thing when you're supposed to be co-captains on this battleship through life.Last Saturday I went to the mall. Unsupervised. Which was not a good idea. An array of sales called out to me. Not only did they know… Continue reading Pyjama Mysteries

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The key to greatness in rugby league.

Do you think they ever paint their nails? I have only ever been to ONE rugby league game in my life. This morning - to watch Little Son's team play. ( Te Atatu Roosters Jnrs vs Waitemata. And yes, we won. Yaaay.) And yes, Little Son was quite impressive. Running. Tackling. Never dropping the ball… Continue reading The key to greatness in rugby league.

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Black and white

I have a confession to make. I am not color blind. When I take my daughter to ballet class - I notice that she's the only brown child in the entire academy. When SD is busted for an episode of rough play(aka :bullying) - I notice that the unfortunate little boy who ran crying to… Continue reading Black and white

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Fantasy Island

Ive been in a slump of self-pity. Apathy. Otherwise known as "I miss Samoa and I want to go home." So I've been doing things like weep a little weep - when nobodys looking. Sceam a little scream - when everybodys unfortunate enough to be listening. Whinge a lot of whinge - to whoever will… Continue reading Fantasy Island

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"your girly bits"

Theres a lot of really dumb ads on television these days. And one of the dumbest is the ad that tries to make brown women go have a cervical smear test. Because brown women have the lowest test rates and some of the highest cervical cancer numbers. In the ad, a bunch of bodacious, colorfully… Continue reading "your girly bits"

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High School is a Warzone.

My English Teaching Competition.I am currently in the process of applying to be a NZ registered teacher. (I confess I have given up on the fast food industry ever wanting me, big sigh) Its a simple enough procedure. Fill in some forms, send them all my certificates and glowing references ( minus the bits where… Continue reading High School is a Warzone.

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How many wives have you got?

And do they each have their own bush hut?HRH has got a job here in NZ. Unlike me. Who has now been rejected by so many employers that it would just be tiresome to blog about each of them separately...(Huge Hi-Five for Cleverness goes out to an Aussie called Kane for nicknaming me 'Plunket Flunket'...Yes… Continue reading How many wives have you got?