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The Skankiest Ho’ outside of Ho’Ville.

Little Daughter was looking at some old photo albums when she came across some pics of me going to Prom. With one boy. And then another pic of me going to Homecoming. With a different boy. And then another pic of me going to another Prom. With another boy. She turned confused eyes on me… Continue reading The Skankiest Ho’ outside of Ho’Ville.

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I have sinned.

On Sundays I go to a Parenting class at church. Instead of going to Sunday School. Because I usually havent done the scripture reading assignment for Sunday school. Because Ive been too lazy busy. Anyway, its a great class where we learn lots of great stuff about how to be better parents. Yesterday's topic was… Continue reading I have sinned.

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Lies I have told my children. That I am going to hell for. Lie - "I loved your performance! You were one of the best dancers in the whole group! I've never seen such a beautiful Samoan siva before." Truth - I got to the Culture Day show late. Too late to catch any of… Continue reading LIAR, LIAR

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My son is a stealer.

My son is a stealer. My seven year old son is a stealer. A sticky-fingered thief. A robber. A taker of money that doesnt belong to him. And I've never had a son who's a stealer before. And I missed that chapter in the childrearing manual - the chapter with the heading 'How to raise… Continue reading My son is a stealer.