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Dirty Words

                     What I wish uku-killing assassins looked like.Today I'm going to use some filthy language on this blog. Guaranteed to send the fainter-hearted amongst you, running for the hills.Head lice.We've got 'em. Do you?I've blogged about this nasty stuff before - Waging War on Princess Leia Only… Continue reading Dirty Words

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I Want your Power.

Can you beat the Crunch?I covet the powers of a rugby league coach. Today I went to another of Little Son's league games and I am in awe of the man who trains them. Imagine if you will - 13 boys all as hyper and (rotten) as my Little son.And yet, this man has them… Continue reading I Want your Power.

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WarriorMum vs. Wild.

Man VS Wild. Why are we watching this show? The man is a derwit. Tonight he's running around some desert wilderness. He's got diaorrhea from eating old bugs. And now he's excitedly showing us some special plant with leaves that are a great replacement for toilet paper. (Umm..come to Samoa, just about every plant has… Continue reading WarriorMum vs. Wild.

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Because I said so.

Teenager's and their Bull.Today I asked my almost 13 year old daughter to get the laundry in off the line. And she said "WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT?!" In a very angry, confrontational, witchy way. And she stamped her foot for extra emphasis. Like those bulls in Spain do at red flags and… Continue reading Because I said so.

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My second personal favourite oldie post. Because it felt soooooo good writing it!. I like going to church, really I do. But there are some things that some people say and do that can really get on my nerves. If Im not feeling very Christian. So in the interests of 'getting it all out' and… Continue reading Confessions

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I have sinned.

On Sundays I go to a Parenting class at church. Instead of going to Sunday School. Because I usually havent done the scripture reading assignment for Sunday school. Because Ive been too lazy busy. Anyway, its a great class where we learn lots of great stuff about how to be better parents. Yesterday's topic was… Continue reading I have sinned.

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If all your dreams came true.

The other day the Princess asked me "What would you wish for if all your dreams could come true?"And before I could stop them, my thoughts took off with a flying leap and I was transported to an otherworld of delight...There I was, attending some fabulous awards ceremony where the movie adaptation of my book… Continue reading If all your dreams came true.