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She's beautiful. Smart. Friendly. Courteous. NOT a skanky ho. And dating JB. I dont know if I should laugh. Or cry.I met JB's girlfriend the other day. (No, not Selena Gomez.) A lovely young woman who, for the sake of this blog, we will call...Selena! Anyway, there I was at the Demon's league practice when… Continue reading NO SEX ALLOWED.

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Stupid Shoes.

So today I was stupid and wore shoes like this to the mall.I traipsed around after my two teenagers while they spent their birthday money. Do you know how incredibly tiring / boring / painful it is to go shopping with people WHEN YOU'RE NOT THE ONE BUYING ANYTHING? I never noticed it before. I… Continue reading Stupid Shoes.

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Because I said so.

Teenager's and their Bull.Today I asked my almost 13 year old daughter to get the laundry in off the line. And she said "WHY DO I HAVE TO DO IT?!" In a very angry, confrontational, witchy way. And she stamped her foot for extra emphasis. Like those bulls in Spain do at red flags and… Continue reading Because I said so.

challenges of parenthood, children. joys and challenges, lani wendt young, raising teenagers in New Zealand, samoa writer, samoa writing, sleepless in samoa, teenagers

Family. Why we need them.

My mother-in-law is a wise woman and every now and again, HRH likes to quote nuggets of wisdom from her. Especially at tense moments with his children. Like when JB is giving us attitude because we wont let him go ‘hang out’ with his new friends at the mall. And it is so unlike JB… Continue reading Family. Why we need them.