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106 Minutes of Sexual Intimacy

I always suspected I was a bad mother/wife/woman. And now I just had it confirmed. Some scientists  ( with nothing better to do with their time than find ways to make me feel bad), did a study on "What a Woman's Perfect Day Would Consist Of." And the results? Went a little something like this - 106… Continue reading 106 Minutes of Sexual Intimacy

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Little Daughter is not so little anymore. She's ten years old and wanted to know, "When is puberty going to happen to me?...Why does it have to happen?...Do I have to use tampons cos they look nasty..." And other such curious questions.I answered her the bestest way I could. Because I'm all about openness and honesty… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex

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Six Sleepless Favorites

As 2011 wraps up, it's that time of year when everybody and their donkey's aunt starts compiling lists. Today marks the official anniversary of the Young and Restless Family's move from Samoa to NZ. Daaayuum we made it! One year. Looking back over a year of blogging and more blogging, I realized that this blog… Continue reading Six Sleepless Favorites

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Why Women should watch Porn. And other useful relationship advice.

Plastic Fantastic Forever LoveOnce upon a time, in a coconut tree island far away, a handsome prince fell in love with a super hot, super intelligent girl. Before they got married the Prince's mother gave the super hot, super intelligent girl TWO pieces of marriage advice.1. If you want to make your husband happy, then… Continue reading Why Women should watch Porn. And other useful relationship advice.

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She's beautiful. Smart. Friendly. Courteous. NOT a skanky ho. And dating JB. I dont know if I should laugh. Or cry.I met JB's girlfriend the other day. (No, not Selena Gomez.) A lovely young woman who, for the sake of this blog, we will call...Selena! Anyway, there I was at the Demon's league practice when… Continue reading NO SEX ALLOWED.